Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kale Blog Publicity

I am already days (weeks?) behind in keeping up with my daily "kale alert". Tonight I looked at all those emails, just randomly chose one, and found that day's alert just happened to have an article from AnnArbor.com (our on-line daily newspaper) about our local farmers' market that contained a "shout-out" for this blog along with the great recipes from my friend Debra DeMille at the Joan Karnell Cancer Center in Philadelphia that are shared in my previous posting. What a fun and pleasant surprise!!

I feel so lucky to have our farmers' market continuing year-round now, especially throughout the winter months. I enjoy heading down there on Saturday mornings, even on the cold days. I thrive on the connection I have in this way with my community (which includes the mushroom grower who comes all the way from Alpena with his delicious!! mushrooms).

I have just enough frozen kale for one more meal. I have been emptying my last bag of frozen kale very sparingly, adding little bits to soups and stir-fry's, rather than having a huge pile of braised greens on my plate, being reluctant to empty that bag.

SO............I'll make sure I get down to my farmers' market on Saturday early enough (note to self - don't dilly-dally on Sat morning this week!) to get those fresh greens. I hope to see you Saturday morning.

Yum, yum - I'm looking forward to Saturday night's dinner!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Unknown said...

Thank you for your site! I love kale. Will try your recipes. My garden kale started growing again /from fall planting/

Mr. H. said...

I just stumbled across your site yesterday and have enjoyed perusing through all of your recipes and information on Kale, my favorite veggie. Great blog.:)

Stefaneener said...

Oh, lovely blog. I'm a kale-lover too, although we tend to eat it in a handful of ways over and over and over. Mine just started bolting, so I'll have to reseed for spring.

Diana Dyer said...

Your bolting kale will flower and then develop seeds to collect so you can keep the cycle going! However, always replant in a different spot of your garden to break any pest or disease cycles. In addition, I eat the flowers and thin tender stalks. I thought I was alone doing this, but I actually saw kale flowers and stalks for sale at our farmers' market last Saturday! I should have thought to take a picture of that. :-)