Friday, May 7, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Use Kale!

I was not clever enough (or quick enough) to write this list myself, so I am sending you to a fellow ("sister" really) Michigan Lady Food Blogger who just wrote an article with this title for her blog called The Local Cook. Check it out - all her recipes sounds great.

In addition, I love the idea of a cooking class just on greens, what they are, which are which, how to prepare and use various ones. I would suggest also including instruction on how to freeze kale and other hardy greens for future use during the weeks (and weeks) when you are overwhelmed with the amount of various fresh greens in your CSA box. Yes, I've been there myself, so much so that is when I first started feeding kale to my dog (yep, she loves kale, too!). I have never given it away to friends (or worse, composted it) because I am pretty vigilant about freezing our extra greens. Here is the link to my post about freezing kale.

Enjoy reading another bloggers growing enthusiasm for kale!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate, 

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Kristi said...

HI Diana, I'm not sure if I have posted before, but I have been a "follower" of your blog for a little while and am enjoying it! I am on a mission to get my FAMILY to eat more Kale, it's a superfood! I grew it last year and almost every last bit of it. I have ONE frozen bag of it in the freezer waiting to be cooked :)

Lu said...

Hi, Diana,

I've recently switched from a lifelong dislike of kale to having it be my new favorite thing. I've had it for lunch every day this week! (sauteed with olive oil and garlic, with some pine nuts thrown in). Funny thing is, I'm kind of feeling a difference, and I'm wondering if maybe you can tell me whether it's all in my head. I feel like I'm buzzing and I'm in a better mood than usual. I've been mildly anemic for a long time (I'm vegan, so I don't get any iron from animal sources). Maybe all this kale has done the trick? Thanks.

I'm going to check out more uses for kale now. What was I thinking all these years when I didn't like it? LOL.

Diana Dyer said...

Hi Lu,
Welcome to the "kale klub" (hmmmm, just thought of that!). Chances are the kale you have had in the past was both tough and old, the kind usually used for "decoration on your plate". Fresh, locally-grown kale of many varieties is just a different and far tastier experience! Not sure about the "buzzing"......In addition, kale is not a particularly high source of iron, but all vegetable sources are helpful as long as you also consume a food high in vitamin C at the same meal to optimize the absorption of the plant-version of iron. Welcome to the "klub". :-)

Lu said...

Thanks, Diana. :) I was thinking maybe it was the potassium, too. I just ran out of kale, so it's on my list for grocery shopping tonight. I'm going to try another variety than the one I just finished. I'm shocked that kale isn't that high in iron, but hey, it's got everything else, plus major antioxidants, I think. Thanks for your welcome to Kale Klub (Kale Kult?). ;-)

Peggy said...

I just read this article about thyroid suppressing raw greens.
This has me very worried. We have been drinking smoothies with raw spinach and kale for some time.
what do you think?

Diana Dyer said...

Thanks for stopping in to read my kale blog. I will check into this. My hunch is that it is going to boil down to a recommendation for eating a variety of foods prepared in a variety of different ways, with the overall dietary pattern having a larger and more long-term effect than any one food at any one time (exceptions of course being food allergy and intolerance).

jadtbfcass said...

Diana -
Great blog. I've been noticing kale everywhere lately. When did kale become cool and a health food?

I grew up eating it occasionally, because my father liked it. Our standard recipe was to simmer it with chopped up pieces of bacon. I assume this was a Southern style preparation.

Another way I have it is with chopped potatoes. You start off cooking the potatoes a little bit, and then add the chopped kale, a little salt, some chopped hot peppers, and cook it down a while.

Again, not that healthy, but probably healthier than a slice of pizza or a donut. Tastes better too.

Courteney said...

I just picked up my first bunch of kale at the grocery store and am currently trying to develop some recipes for it. I was so excited to see your blog about it!!!

Anonymous said...

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