Monday, June 14, 2010

Garlic - not kale this time!

I could not resist cross-posting from my blog, just in case there are some of my kale readers who do not follow my other blogs. The non-stop activities to get our garlic farm up and running (let alone the house remodeled in order to someday, hopefully this summer,  actually move there!) is why I don't have time to post on my kale blog as often as I would like. Here is what we are up to these days. Someday we will also have kale to sell but right now it is garlic, garlic, garlic!
My husband and I grinning like little kids on Christmas morning on our debut day as vendors selling our garlic scapes (7 varieties this week - 15 varieties will be ready for week #2) at the Ypsilanti Downtown Farmers' Market June 8, 2010 - photo taken by Cara Rosaen, Marketing Director for the brand new website  

Please check out the website - it is designed to connect people to fresh, local sources of food by providing "real time" information (including beautiful photographs) about the location of farmers' markets around the country along with what is available to purchase today, right now, , i.e. "real time". It is an interactive site that you (yes, you!) can also use to load up information about what you see available at farmers' markets where you live.

Help promote locally grown food by your local farmers! Your local farmers (like us!) thank you from the bottom of their hearts. :-)

Unlike grinning kids who have the pleasure of having gifts just appear on Christmas morning, my husband and I fully appreciate every aspect of both the years of hard work leading up to this moment and our extreme good fortune to have arrived at this moment. I just turned down a cancer survivorship speaking invitation because I am too busy farming, but that does not mean I have forgotten "where I have come from" to get here. I am a very grateful cancer survivor every single day, hoping that I can still help others plant and cultivate their own seeds leading to a successful survivorship journey, too.

Where kale (and garlic, too) are more than decoration on our plates!

Diana (and Dick) Dyer, MS, RD


Elizabeth said...

Oh wow! I'm surprised none of my friends have sent me here yet-- my fondness for kale recipes is a bit of a running gag for them.

If it weren't close to my bedtime I'd be browsing. Will definitely be back. Especially for a good kale chips recipe.

wronskian said...

just wanted to say i'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog! i love kale and i eat it usually 2 or 3 times a day. it's great to get some new recipe ideas!