Monday, December 13, 2010

Micro-kale to Macro-kale

Shopping at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market last Saturday (brrrrrr), we stopped by the table for the farm called Garden Works where we are long-time purchasers of their delicious sunflower shoots, which we first ate when we lived in Madison, WI way back in the mid-70's. Earlier this year, we tried their pea shoots and were just 'wowed' with how delicious they are and how much these shoots really taste like fresh young spring peas! The link will show you a large sample of the many beautiful and delicious vegetables they sell throughout the seasons.

Last Saturday, something new caught my eye, a plastic container with a tiny hand-written tag on top of it that said "micro-kale". In essence this is the kale-sprout equivalent of broccoli or alfalfa sprouts that you might see for sale in the grocery store.

(Photo: Micro-kale purchased from Garden Works, Ann Arbor, MI)

They are the Red Russian variety, as you can just see a hint of their red stems. They are delicious, tender, and sweet with just a touch of the kale taste. I have added them to a salad and used them as a green layer in a tofu (marinated and then baked with Ann Arbor's own Clancy's Fancy hot sauce) sandwich.

(Photo: Micro-kale sprouts, close-up. You can easily see their red stems. Most just have their first round leaves, but a few have tiny little lobed leaves that you would expect to see in the Red Russian variety of kale.)  

Now, contrasting the term "micro-kale" with the term "macro-kale", which admittedly a group of friends just made up as we sat around a table talking and laughing about a wide variety of big issues in life at a birthday celebration last Saturday night. So every time I do a post in the future that is of an "extraneous nature" but somehow connected to kale, I'll think of the term "macro-kale"! The term gives me a new perspective and lots to think about and mull over, one of my favorite things to do, besides growing, cooking, and eating kale. :-)

Where kale (both micro- and macro-) are much more fun than just being decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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Kateri said...

I wonder if they grow them like you do sprouts. I always pick lots of kale and other young brassicas at the baby stage, but this is even before that. They look really good! And this reminds me, I need to get my alfalfa sprouts started...