Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kale for the Super Bowl

This past week, I've had several other food bloggers post comments on my kale blog, so I think the enthusiasm for kale is continuing to perk right along without slowing down. If I had had any doubts about that, today I saw that a recipe for Slow-Baked Beans with Kale is in the #2 spot for "most emailed articles" on the New York Times.

This easy, hearty (for these cold, snowy, icy days so many of us have right now!), and delicious sounding recipe sounds like a perfect dish for a Super Bowl Sunday gathering. I'm just back from a vacation in Seattle (where 49 degrees felt like summer, even on the moist days), so it's time to stock up on fresh vegetables again like "4-season kale" from our local Farmers' Market on Saturday morning.

I'm not sure what else we'll make/serve/eat or even what we are doing on that day, but I'm going to check my pantry shelves and then get any missing ingredients to start making these beans.

The #1 emailed article right now is Mark Bittmann's Food Manifesto for the Future. I would guess that most people seeking out more info about kale (and thus have landed at my kale blog) will find themselves nodding in agreement with the ideas he is presenting in this article. For those who have been actively reading and changing their diets over the past several years to contain more local and sustainably grown foods (and food that is recognizable as food instead of processed food-like substances), there is not much if anything that is new. However, the article is a very good summary of many points of concern and call to action for our government, industries, and individuals. Bittmann does not specially call out for organically grown foods nor does he specifically urge people to start growing their own foods, two additional points I would have made, but his overall messages clearly point the way to an agriculture and food system that is sustainable. I do urge you to take a minute to read the article and think about what may be new for you and what may be the next step you can take to "vote with your fork" for the world you want to see.

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate, even on Super Bowl Sunday!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Dutch said...

I probably won't make it for Super Bowl but I am going to be growing kale again this year so I bookmarked it for later. Thanks

Edie Shaw-Ewald said...

Hi Diana,

Love your site!
I grew Kale for the first time last summer - I was thrilled to see how well it grew in Nova Scotia and I was still picking some when the snow started to fly. I just bought a Vitamix blender - partly so I could blend Kale and other leafy greens into my smoothies - love your smoothie recipe! Will be a follower of your blog!

Diana Dyer said...

Thanks for stopping by my kale blog. I just love your blog, too, Readers of one of my other blogs at know how much I loved my dog Kaya, so you 'had me' with the first pix I saw of your dog Bella. Your delicious and healthy recipes are my bonus but will be the reason I steer people to your beautifully written blog. Great work! :-)

Elaine said...

Hello, Diana. Thank you for highlighting both the recipe & Mark Bittman's article. Once again, you provide thoughtful commentary about current issues/popular news topics. I agree with your two points about growing organically and growing your own & you certainly are leading the way with both. I hope the NY Times profiles you, soon!

I checked my Vegetable Planting Chart for Coast B.C. & can sow kale at the beginning of March. Looking forward to it!