Sunday, September 4, 2011

Still cooking! Kale Lasagna recipe again.

Feeding a crowd this weekend and don't want to use the grill or maybe you are cooking something in addition to the grill-food?

Look no further than cooking up a large pan of lasagna, with the sauce enhanced with the abundance of fresh summer vegetables available from your local organic farmers right now.

I went to my trusted and delicious recipe for Kale Lasagna already on this blog and made a few tweaks based on what I had available to use.
• 32 oz of 'pizza sauce' instead of 24 oz spaghetti sauce
• I omitted all the extra herbs since the sauce was already quite flavorful
• organic mozzarella cheese instead of vegan cheese (I prefer how 'real' cheese melts)
• the mushrooms I had just purchased this morning were already spoiled (I'll ask for my money back on my next trip to this store as the stinky mushrooms needed to get out of the house into the compost pile immediately!) so instead I added 3 sweet red peppers, chopped small in a food processor
• I simply cut the kale into fine strips rather than chopping in the food processor in order to have bigger pieces in the sauce and added them last to the sauce to keep from over-cooking it
• Yes, I followed my own recommendation from when I made it last time and only added 1/2 cup of water to the pan before cooking. 

Here is a photo of the sauce with the kale all ready to be stirred in.

All ready to cook. I made it a day ahead, covered it in foil, and will heat it up tomorrow afternoon when our company arrives. It is only supposed to be a high temperature of 60 degrees tomorrow - where did summer go??

I only vaguely know what else is being brought to eat. That is the fun of potlucks.

Happy Labor Day to all my readers and a happy start to the school year for those wonderful dedicated teachers and all their students who are ready to jump into school again for the 2011-2012 season! Hopefully some of them will be growing and eating kale from their school gardens, learning much, much earlier than I did that kale is delicious and more than decoration on a plate - woohoo!

Where kale is always more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Dutch said...

I have 2 more plants growing & this recipe sound delicious. I have been putting tons of kale in my crock pot with tomatoes & spices & it is great that way. thanks for this recipe.

Diana Dyer said...

I am on a campaign to use my crock pot more, so thanks for this tips about cooking kale that way, too! I can't wait to try it that way. All Hail, Kale! :-)

Angela @ Momethis said...

HI I just found your blog and look forward to following it. I also am a cancer survivor. I love all your kale recipes.