Friday, October 28, 2011

Two haikus - Just for fun!

Morning without web
Time for creative cooking
Kale, of course, and more

Thank goodness we had power, even if we did not have internet access! So I made a variation of my Garlic Sweet Potato Kale Soup recipe, using ingredients by memory (i.e., what's in the refrig and on hand in the pantry), plus including several types of recently made broths combined into one big pot.

I doubled the broth, but not the other ingredients, added about 2 cups of coarsely chopped savoy cabbage and about 1/2 cup of chopped stems from the tops of celeriac with a few of the strong tasting leaves. 

One of my broths was deliberately spicy, the other very green (having used a gigantic handful of parsley stems). The soup ended up quite spicy even without any added hot ingredients, so I actually added just 1 teaspoon of our honey at the very end, something I have never done. That was just enough to 'mellow' the bite of the soup. 

I let the sweet potato cubes simmer gently for about 10 minutes before adding the cabbage and chopped kale, letting them cook only a few minutes so they still had crunch and color (hmm, the phrase 'crunch and color' has a nice ring to it) in the final soup.

Last night a young friend temporarily living with us looked at our dinner plate with large servings of the Kale-Cabbage Gratin, asking 'What's that?' followed by 'You eat the most interesting food here!'. Yes, I know we eat differently than many (even most) people, so much so that I also know that our food is sometimes 'so interesting' that I am hesitant to make extra of what we eat to take to friends who need meals. However, I know that this soup recipe I made today will be well received and interesting but not 'too interesting', thus two large containers are already set aside to take to two friends currently in need of meals who certainly think I have forgotten them.

Although I came up with a great soup without access to my favorite recipes this morning, this experience did give me a fleeting thought that maybe I do need to follow-up on the urging of several people over the years to do my own cookbook. Even if I had had all my recipes downloaded onto my hard-drive or onto an E-book reader, I would not have needed to rely just on my memory this morning.

Food for thought, in my 'spare time' - hahaha. :-)

This slowing down thing
What is that? I am not sure
A full life is life

Oh dear, that last haiku just popped out, my third one today (I'm posting the first one I wrote today on my blog). Something must have re-wired my brain or found an opening into a place long hidden. I think I'd better quit now.  :-)

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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