Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Rooting for Kale!!!

Chicken? Kale? Chicken? Kale?

I don't get it. Chicken and kale have nothing in common, especially comparing the fast food chicken from Chick-fil-A to any type of kale from anywhere. However, the giant fast food company is asking Bo Muller-Moore, the artist in Vermont who designed and prints the "Eat More Kale" t-shirts and bumper stickers to cease and desist, even asking him to hand over his website to the company.

I have both a t-shirt and bumper sticker, and I am firmly rooted on the side of kale and small (very small, a one-man ) business.

I don't know how to help Bo except to order more of his products. Chick-fil-A has given him amazing publicity, so I'll probably wait forever for the order to be filled, but that's ok! Yes, "EAT MORE KALE"!! (Addendum: A petition in favor of Bo Muller-Moore can be signed at

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate, (because I now wear it and eat it in support of Bo Muller-Moore's "EAT MORE KALE"!)

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Sue in Ohio said...

I totally agree and can't believe the absurd waste of resources on the part of Chick-fil-A. Why don't they channel these efforts into something beneficial like saving a whale, a chunk of rainforest, anything? This may end up back-firing on them in the form of bad pr....and have the residual benefit of people eating less chicken!

Love your blog.

Sue in Ohio
---eating kale, every day

Mary in Vermont said...

Also go to his website to contribute to the legal fund

Pam said...

I ordered a t-shirt, signed the petition, and posted on my blog...

Anonymous said...

We had the same problem here in Orlando FL. A small produce shop, Eat More Produce, got the same letter. I'm glad to say, they won the fight and they remain.

Andrea said...

I got my 10 stickers and handed them out over the holidays! Thanks for mentioning this on your blog, it is nice to see people outside of VT pitching in!