Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here comes the Sun! and Kale!

Another shout-out for my kale blog in an article written by Carolyn McTigue and published in The Toronto Sun along with newspapers in Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton - wow!! Thank you, Carolyn, for telling your Canadian readers and eaters about this delicious, versatile, and true super-star of a food that promotes health. Pretty soon I'll be seeing everyone wearing kale t-shirts and hats, no matter where I travel. I'll have my camera ready!

Here is a picture of the kale salad recipe posted in the Kansas City Star article last week. I confess, I made about half the printed recipe, and my husband ate about 1/3 of it while I ate the rest. So I probably ate 'more than my share', but it was that good! Since I don't do that everyday, I will still think of that as not going overboard!

Special note: I squeezed one lime wedge over the entire recipe before eating. Oh wow, that was the perfect extra touch! Maybe that extra flavor is why I could not save any for lunch the next day but instead ate the remainder of the salad while I cleaned up the kitchen. :-)

(Photo: Simple supper of tofu and vegetable stir-fry on brown rice with Kale Salad, recipe printed in the Kansas City Star)
Where kale is much more than just decoration on my plate - it's now an international sensation! 
Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Summer Parties said...

Mmmmmm this looks so yummy! I have never really experimented with Kale but this does look delicious!

Diana Dyer said...

This is your time to experiment away! Kale, like most Brassica vegetables, is sweeter after a frost and
often survives just fine under a row cover or even snow!, so pick some up at any of your local markets and enjoy exploring a fabulous new food.

Jennyg82 said...

This year I'm expanding my kale patch and I'm sure I will be visiting your site again and again. Go Kale!

Bert Taylor said...

Easy-to-use, long lasting Kale: I dry mine in the oven at lowest temp., about 140 F, 4-6 hours, crumble and screen out stems; it lasts forever & can be sprinkled on everything. Local health board says it loses no nutrition that way. A news article of mine says Kale is the most nutricious of all the green vegetables.