Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kale in Kansas City!

Yes, I think it is now official that the 'kale kraze' is everywhere. The newspaper in Kansas City is promoting the deliciousness of kale (and its multiple nutritional attributes!) and cited my blog. Woohoo! I am honored. Thank you Jill Wendholt Silva for 'stumbling' your way to my blog and giving it a 'shout-out'.

In response to Jill's comment that I do not post up to my blog daily, I must clarify that was never my intention, but instead I hope to encourage eating kale or its many varied and delicious relatives every day of the year, giving you enough information and recipes to get started with that goal. 

However, I confess that I do see with some sadness and chagrin that my kale blog's postings have gone way down during the past 2 years as my husband and I have been getting our garlic farm up and running. In contrast, I am surprised to see that postings to my www.dianadyer.com blog have gone up during that same time-frame, which must be due to trying to keep those readers up to date with our adventure of starting a new farm!  So I think I must be on the look-out for an eager dietetic intern to work with me in the future in order to help me develop many more kale blog posts to continue to inspire my readers to incorporate these interesting, ultra-healthy, and yes also delicious vegetables into a daily delicious habit. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy experimenting by eating all of them (from arugula to watercress) and eating them all prepared in a variety of different ways, from frozen to raw, and also from center stage like this salad recipe in the Kansas City Star to incorporating a handful into a smoothie. 

There is no 'right way' or a 'best way' to eat kale and its relatives. Just eat any or all of these Brassica vegetables in moderate amounts! I can tell that this salad and its dressing just might tempt you to eat the entire bowl, but everything in life, even kale, can become too much of a good thing. (See my past post The Dose is the Poison with a real-life example of the consequence from eating too much of one member of the Brassica vegetable family - not good at all!)

Thanks again, Jill, for including my blog in your upbeat article. Thanks also for liking my tag line!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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