Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recipe: Savory Kale-Mushroom Strata

I posted this recipe for Savory Kale-Mushroom Strata on my dianadyer blog today, so the link to the actual recipe will take you there. However, here are the photos to entice you to wander off my kale blog over to my blog where I weave commentary (i.e. my opinions about life) with my recipes. :)

(Photo: Savory Kale-Mushroom Strata - cooked)
(Photo: Savory Kale-Mushroom Strata - cooked - close-up)
Yum, yum!!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Heather said...

This looks wonderful, and it answers my son's question from yesterday, what to do with kale that tastes good. Thank-you. Off to get the recipe.

Unknown said...

Diana: I just stumbled across your blog because I was googling Kale. We love kale and I was looking for some new recipe ideas. This is just fantastic and I look forward to following your adventures with kale!

Diana Dyer said...

So glad to see kale lovers who are new to visiting my blog. Everything on my blog gets 'family approval' by my husband before being posted up. Our sons are now grown, grown-up, and married :), but live out of state :( , so they no longer taste and approve every recipe like they did for those posted on my website at, but I would 'bet the farm' that they would love every recipe I post up on my kale blog. :)

Diana Dyer said...

I am re-making this recipe today, using butternut squash instead of mushrooms to serve to a small group of the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers coming to the farm this afternoon. I expect it to be delicious!