Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yep, there it is!

500,086 visits as of this morning. :) Thank you everyone for both coming to this blog and coming back. You inspire me to keep eating, thinking, and writing about kale (and its healthy cousins).

Here are a few photos I took yesterday and had time to download while watching the Detroit Tigers get their clock cleaned last night - yikes - well it is only Game 1.

I know this is difficult to see, but there is a major !! gap in the electric fence. Yes the deer crashed through it, which led to the photo below.

Hmmm, I was actually looking at the celery (not pictured) when I saw - yikes! - deer hoof prints in the garden. I looked up to see that open fence (above) and then looked to my left to see - yes, oh darn - my beautiful Lacinato kale plant 'topped'! The regular curly kale to its left has had about 20 of its succulent top leaves eaten, but the Red Russian kale variety was ignored entirely. You can also see we still have a lot of work to do to clean up our garden, both from this year, and admittedly from last year. There is always next year to get things done. :)

We did get a kitchen herb garden installed this year right outside the back of the house by the garage. This is a photo of the mostly dead nasturium in the lower left corner (even covering it up the night of the hard frost was not enough) and then curly and flat parsley and lettuces by the stone walk with my little hedge of baby kale and bok choy and spinach behind them. I do cover them up, too, when we have frosts and they keep chugging away. The basil is completely dead, but the mint keeps going without being covered up so far. 

Hard to see, but there are two rows of rutabagas surrounded by the straw mulch. I have mentioned before that rutabagas are my husband's favorite vegetable (he also loves spinach and beets and has been like this since childhood!). They will continue to grow slowly and will be harvested for our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Now back to garlic planting. Today is a perfect day, clear, no wind, in the 70's, so we had better make hay while the sun shines so to speak, and try to get at least another 1000 in the ground, hopefully more! If you are interested in following our garlic farm's updates, they can be seen on Facebook. Facebook posts can also be seen on the homepage of our farm's website where you can also sign up for our farm's newsletter (done for the season, but you'll know when we get started up again early next year). 

Thanks again for coming to my kale blog. Maybe next year we'll get organized enough to sell kale at the farmers' markets along with our amazing 40 varieties of garlic!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate - it is also a deer delicacy!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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Kate MacNicol said...

Hi Diana! I'm so thrilled to find your blog. I live in rural Northern Indiana and love kale but have never tried to grow it. I happened to be at our local Walmart this morning and I saw tons of kale plants for two bucks. I didn't buy any and after doing some research which led me to you, I'm going back and giving them a winter whirl so to speak. I figure if they don't survive, I'm not out that much money. I'm so looking forward to learning from you about kale and all the other great veggies and nutritional advice you have here. Sorry about the deer. LOL We have those too...