Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kale growing again after late night deer feast

We actually had time (and warm weather) to clean up our family garden this past week after finally getting all of our 2013 garlic into the ground and mulched. Here are a few updated photos of our kale:

Our cleaned up family garden with the remaining three kale plants in the middle of the photo. The 60+ dead heirloom tomato plants plus the 2011 corn stalks are finally pulled out! And my husband is finally grinding the dried corn from the 2011 corn and making corn bread - delicious!! - far superior to any cornmeal or cornbread mix in the stores.  

The curly kale that the deer topped and ate most of the side leaves. You can see where the kale leaves are starting to grow back, little leafy nubs where each leaf was previously. Interesting, as I was cleaning up, I found tiny leaves perfectly intact on the ground. I wondered if the deer spit them out, but my husband wondered if they were just sloppy or clumsy chewers! 

The large and beautiful Red Russian kale plant that we will feast on for several weeks still, even with a bit of snow predicted for tomorrow morning. 

Close-up view of the Red Russian kale with rain drops from the short rain shower the night before this photo was taken the next afternoon. I was surprised by how long these drops lasted! 

The Lacinato kale variety was the one plant that was completely demolished by the deer. There was no post-mortem photo of it. The solar-powered battery that powers the electric fence around our family garden failed, leading to the brazen and successful attempt to crash over (through) the fence. Thankfully the battery was still under warranty with the replacement 'in the mail'. Of course my husband still needs to replace the missing fence, just one of the many winter projects on the list. :)

I had a fleeting thought about naming our farm The 365 Day Farm, but even I thought that might sound a bit overwhelming, and I want to be here! (PS - we did take Thanksgiving Day off, so I guess we could say we are The 364 Day Farm). But wait, if we do get chickens, geese, and goats, there is no 'day off' so we would be back to The 365 Day Farm. :)

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate, 365 days of the year!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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