Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 10 blog posts!

In celebration - or should I say Kale-a-bration? - of National Kale Day 2014 today, here are the 10 top posts, i.e., the most viewed, on my blog since it went live in 2009.

How to eat kale is still #1, and my answer is still the same as when I posted that up in 2009. Eat all types of Brassica vegetables (not just kale), in all types of ways, reasonable servings most days each week (if not daily) and by reasonable servings, I do NOT mean bags and bags of raw kale each day as one reader was trying to do. Here is where variety and moderation truly are the spice of life for both delicious flavor and also for optimizing health benefits. After all, if you don't eat it, you don't realize any benefits, including enjoyment! 

Kale Chips (published in 2009) is still the most viewed recipe, however, the Blackberry Kale Smoothie recipe is quickly catching up (published in 2013) followed by a vegan Kale Lasagna recipe and Apple Kale Muffins, which several readers have added comments that they are very popular with kids. 

Kale provides a bountiful supply of nutrients and phytochemicals (molecules not required for growth - like nutrients - but for optimizing health) and several posts that address those concerns have been and continue to be very popular. 

All in all, kale somehow became sexy, popular, but is here to stay for very good reasons: 
  • it is versatile, 
  • has a long-growing season, 
  • can be grown in most sections of the country, 
  • is easy to grow (one of my sons even grew it within the landscaping at an apartment complex where no gardens were allowed - yes, I'm proud of him!!), 
  • it contains multiple nutrients in high concentrations and, 
  • provides many additional health-promoting phytochemicals. 
  • Last but not least, it is beautiful, delicious and even fun to eat. 
Who could ask for anything more? 

Here are links to the "top 10":

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What are my favorite posts? Here they are, and I hope you laugh like I did with each one, at myself, too. :) 

2) Kale Eye Candy

Ok - go out and buy some kale to eat and enjoy!

Where kale is more than decoration on my plate!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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Dutch said...

thanks for this. I have some friends who are eating more kale and wanted different ways to eat it. 4 plants in my garden and still going strong for the fall garden.